12 Feet Pro

12 Feet Pro

Self Bailing Raft

JP Rafts set out to build rafts that provide professional-grade performance that the private boater could afford. It was not easy achieving this, and we knew early on, the highest quality materials could not be compromised.


Extended Information

  • 1670 denier, 48-oz pannel orca fabric in tubes & floor.
  • 1100 denier, 41-oz pannel orca fabric in frame wear patch.
  • Improve Leafield C-7 valves (The industry’s best).
  • rubberized handles 6
  • I-beam floor.
  • Easy Removable bat System ,
  • floor chafer to slide over rocks.
  • I-beams, baffles and seams, triple-fused with seam tape inside and out . The best seam technology in the industry durable, consistent, reliable.
  • 12 stainless 2” D-rings
  • 6 Air chamber ( 3main tube, 2 thwarts, 1 floor)

Colors- Red, Blue, Grey and more color option available.

Eventually, our engineers discovered manufacturing technology from a much bigger industry that allowed us to achieve this goal. jp Rafts are the best value in the industry!

Product Description

Model: Pro-12
Denier: 1670 Denier
Length: 12’
Width: 6’
Tube Diameter: 17”
Kick: 25’’’
Self Bailing: Yes
Thwart: 3
Air Chember: 3+2+1
Glue: Orca Original
D-ring: 12
Fram Wear Patch: 1100 Denier
Seam Tape: Yes
Removal batten Attachment: Yes
Valve: Leafield C-7
Cary Handle: 6
Customized Design: Yes Possible
Foot Cup: 3