9 Feet Kayak

9 Feet Kayak

JP Self Bailing Kayaks come in 9 and 12 foot sizes and are designed to exceed your needs whether it is a day trip or self supported expedition trip Very stable and easy on paddler in white water. It is as easy in the waves as in rapids. Its Hypalon® construction and its tubes rubber reinforced in their lower parts, makes it an ideal product for the professionals. These hypalon kayaks look great and are built for your self supported multi-day kayak trips.

We use the same 41/OZ, 1100D hypalon material. The tubes are big too- 11″ of support and float that keeps you on top. The kick is just right to keep it playful.

Each kayak comes loaded with:

  • Two Improve Leafield D7 main tube fill valves
  • One Improve Leafield D7 floor valve
  • Leafield A6 Pressure Relief valve on floor
  • One or two Leafield D7 thwart valve 12 foot models come with an extra thwart,Thwarts are fix
  • Use the thwarts to sit on top or as a seat rest. Nose Cone front and Rear helps protect the kayak.
  • Self Bailing holes drain the wet away.
Product Description

Technical data

Length (cm)390
Width (cm)100
Weight (kg)20
Max. load (kg)200
Number of persons2
Side tube diameter (cm)30
Air chambers3 + 2 + 3
Packed dimensions (cm)70 × 45 × 30
Max. Betriebsdruck (MPa / Bar / PSI)0,025 / 0,25 / 3,7
Cardboard box dimensions (cm)70 × 60 × 35

Boat equipment

  • inflatable seat
  • two adjustable thwarts foot rest and shoulders rest
  • self-bailing bottom with outlets on both sides
  • thigh straps
  • space at the stern for storing baggage
  • twist valves
  • push-push valves
  • safety grab handles in the bow and stern
  • strap loops to fix the baggage
  • safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  • transport drybag 135 l

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